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Ishq Mein Tere Episode 3 by Hum TV drama 11-12-2013

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Watch Ishq Mein Tere Episode 3 Online and Live: This is a New Best High Quality drama Ishq Mein Tere Episode 3 playing on Hum TV. The Viewers are Enjoying and watching Ishq Mein Tere Episode 3 by Hum TV. The crew and actors performed best in this new Ishq Mein Tere Episode 3. Writer of the drama write this story very well. This New Online Pakistani drama is directed by Fahim Barni and written by Sadia Akhter. You can share this latest Episode of Ishq Mein Tere Episode 3 with our viewers and you friends. watch All Episodes on NEW-DRAMA.Com.

TV Channel:- Hum TV  
Timings:- Monday 8:00
Drama:- Ishq Mein Tere Episode 3
Directed By: Qazi Lateef
Written By: Mustafa Hashmi
Hum TV   Drama Actors
1- Mehwish Hayat
2- Shahzad Nawaz
3- Mediha Imam
4- Azfar Rehman

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